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LC 14500 1300mAh Battery Test be Aware! Fake 156mAh Battery !!!

Monday, 24 February 2020 22:45:05 Europe/London

LC 14500 1300mAh 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Selling on eBay UK / Seller ID : septal

Be aware of these cells claiming 1300mAh !
Actual measured capacity : 156mAh !!!
1A Continuous Discharge test by CBAIV Pro
Internal Impedance: 1.34Ohm.
See Test Report / Read more !
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Posted By Norb

Probably the Best 18350 1200mAh Protected Battery

Thursday, 16 January 2020 21:27:57 Europe/London

Buy Now here:
Ampsplus 18350 1200mAh Li-Ion 3.7v Rechargeable Battery / Protected

Version 2020, High Capacity, High Power, Tested and Certified
Quad Protection: Overcharge Protection, Discharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection and Thermal Control
Gold Plated Protection Board, 6A Discharge Current
Battery designed for HID LED Torch, Flashlight, Lamp, Laser
No memory effect, Environmentally friendly, UK Brand
Note:  Do Not use for Vaping / e-Cigs !
Read more in product description.

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Posted By Norb

Charging Lithium Li-Ion Batteries UK

Sunday, 19 February 2017 22:08:49 Europe/London

Fast or Slow Charging Lithium Li-ion 3.7V Rechargeable Batteries

We've been asked several times about charging Li-Ion batteries, which Charging Current (CC) is correct and if 0.50Amp charging can prolong battery life and keep the battery in good condition.
Not really :-) it depends on capacity and size of each battery. We recommend the use of chargers with CC/CV.
Firstly, we need know the batteries standard Charging Current (CC) specified by the datasheet of battery/manufacturer/seller - these basic specs are often not available.
As standard we can say 0.5C CC, meaning 0.5x battery capacity, for classic Lithium batteries unless a different specific CC is supplied by the manufacturer.

Recommended CC are :
0.25A CC- 0.50A CC for small size batteries : 10440/AAA , 16340 / CR123, 14500-AA , 18350 , 14650 (capacity below 1000mAh)
0.50-0.75A CC 16650 , 18500 , 17500 , 18650 as well (mostly low capacity batts below 2000mah)
all new (last 2-3 years) 18650 , 26650 IMR , INR and as well ICR/NCR's is standard 1A CC and some slightly more as well, it’s always best to check the datasheet when available.
Some examples:
20R - 1A Standard , 4A Rapid
25R - 1.25A Standard , 4A Rapid
HE4 - 1.25A Standard , 4A Rapid
HG2 - 1.5A Standard , 3A Rapid
HB6 - 0.75A Standard , 4A Rapid
30Q - 1.5A Standard , 4A Rapid
VTC4 - 2A Standard , 4A Rapid
VTC5A - 1.30A Standard , up to 6A Rapid charge
VTC6 -Standard 2A , up to 5A Rapid (6A Pulse )
Sanyo GA 3500 1.45A Standard , Rapid not specified
Panasonic NCRB or Sanyo BF 3400 1.625A Standard

All 26650 can be done with 1A , 2-3A is standard
The CC also depends on charging conditions, lower tempearature - better use lower CC , by standard room conditions go to Standard Charging Current .

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Posted By Norb

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